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Kepler (Martian crater) For the lunar crater, see Kepler (lunar crater). Location of Kepler Crater. Kepler is a crater on Mars, located in the Eridania quadrangle at 46. 8 S, 140. 9 E. It measures approximately 228 kilometres (142 miles) and was named in 1973, by the International Astronomical Union, in honor ofThe crater in that location and the east is relatively flat but it is not smooth around the middle, the remainder has a hilly landscape. Parts of the southern rim has a more angled sloped. In that location is a small unnamed crater that forms the deepest in Kepler crater overall. kepler crater location

Kepler (lunar crater) Kepler (Latin Keplerus) is a lunar impact crater that lies between the Oceanus Procellarum to the west and Mare Insularum in the east. To the north is the crater Bessarion, to the eastnortheast is the crater Milichius and southeast is the crater Encke.

Location: North East (Upper Right) Size: 555km Features: Circular flat mare to the north of the Sea of Tranquility with few craters within it. Wrinkle ridges are located near its edges. Tycho (Crater) Location: South Size: 86km diameter, 4. 8km depth Features: 100 million years old so young for a lunar crater. Best seen at full moon where rays Since 1994 when I entered into this area of research, I have yet to find a region of the moon that is more enigmatic than the area around the late epoch Copernican crater, Kepler. It has been a primary center of interest and investigation since 1995. Located in Oceanus Procellarum, this 33 km.kepler crater location Illustrations of the surface of the Moon have been found dating before 3000 BCE, but the first true map of the Moon was produced by Michel Florent van Langren in 1645. This map portrayed lunar maria, craters, and mountain peaks.

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Debris Flows in Kepler Crater. Loose material is sliding down the inner crater from near the rim crest (upper right) and ponding on a part of the crater floor. LROC NAC M L [NASAGSFCArizona State University. The Featured Image shows the lower slopes of the northeast inner wall of the Kepler impact crater (8. 1N, 322. 0E, diameter 32 km). kepler crater location Copernicus. Copernicus, one of the most prominent craters on the Moon. It constitutes a classic example of a relatively young, wellpreserved lunar impact crater. Located at 10 N, 20 W, near the southern rim of the Imbrium Basin (Mare Imbrium) impact structure, Copernicus measures 93 km (58 miles) in diameter and is a source of radial bright rays, Featured Image. Kepler is a Copernican aged crater (32 km diameter, 8. 1N, 322. 0E) named for the German Astronomer Johannes Kepler, famous for his three laws of planetary motion. The impact event that created Kepler crater was energetic enough to eject this 100 m Nov 12, 2010  View larger image. LROC WAC mosaic of Kepler crater, arrow indicates location of NAC image shown above [NASAGSFCArizona State University. Despite the label central peak, a central peak is not always exactly in the center of a crater, nor is it always symmetrically shaped; Kepler crater is an example. How can the answer be improved?

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